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Friday, August 19, 2005

"LASER" vision

If you're of a weak constitution, you might want to look away now.
Pete and I had "LASER" eye tests today, so that we can do sweet physics with Class 4 "LASERs".
The first part of the test was just your run of the mill eye test. You read a series of letters off a wall to the obvious delight of the optometrist. They say, "Well done, you've got the vision thing", and then you just go home and carry on about your normal business.
But in the "LASER" eye test, the optometrist goes ahead and puts some drops in your eyes to widen the pupils. Twenty minutes later everything is unbearably bright and you can't focus on anything closer than a metre.
I can't have had an even dose between the eyes: my right pupil was far bigger than my left, lending me a special deranged look. Need to get some for Halloween.
The end game of all of this was to get some quality images of my retinas. Check it out...

So now I can use Class 4 "LASERs". Sweet.


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