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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back in Caerdydd

Got back to Cardiff on Thursday by Megabus slightly hungover from Birthday drinks the night before.
This is basically my holiday for this year so I'm making the most of it. In exciting sleep related news, I slept in a hammock over at Richard Mullet's place on Thursday night. I'm currently considering replacing my bed.
I don't know about you, but I've never had porridge. I find the idea by turns revolting, by turns deeply exciting. So I went ahead and tried to make some in the microwave for breakfast. Still don't know what it tastes like: I turned my back and it exploded.
This morning I had a quality cycle along the Taff Trail. Did slightly under 70km through Wales' verdant and pleasant countryside. Can't beat it. In exciting canine related news, a dog ran out in front of me. Good job I stayed up until 12:30 replacing my brake pads last night. Even so, the dog had the temerity to look at me as if it was all my fault. Bitch.
Dial-up Internet is so painfully slow I might not update for a few more days. Besides, I've just rediscovered my collection of The Muppet videos.


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