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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Insect Bite Update: Day 3

I woke up early, hoping to travel across London to do some campaigning in Barking where there are two close by-elections.
However, a small insect had already thwarted my plans on Thursday night. My insect bite had swelled up even more over night, now it almost covers the full extent of my forearm. In the photo, the terracotta line indicates the dimensions of a regular arm. I was torn between thinking that this was awesome and worrying. So I called NHS Direct to seek a professional opinion. Sadly, they decided it was worrying and suggested that I see a doctor. I was so impressed: despite it being 'out of hours' I got an appointment with a doctor at the Chelsea and Westminster within an hour.
Apparently it's infected and I'm now on a course of antibiotics. Which means no drinking for a week, not even at the Summer Ball! Ho hum.


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