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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Insect Bite Update: Day 6.

Feeling a great deal better today. The swelling has really gone down and I'm able to walk with nether a care. I'll be in skipping around in meadows just as soon as I can buy some insect repellent.
Good news from Imperial College Union Council: Martin got half colours for all his work on Broadsheet, the student newspaper of the Physical Sciences Union. You can take a look at all of the issues here. Well done Martin.
Yesterday I chaired what should hopefully be the last PSU executive of my presidency, barring anything crazy happening. Next year's Exec are already planning the Freshers' Ball and have alot of great ideas. Good luck guys.
I've been taking it fairly easy today. The melange of antibiotics and antihistamine tablets means I'm constantly hungry, yet have no appetite. I went to a lecture this evening given by Prof Michael Duff, the new principal of Physical Sciences at Imperial, entitled "The 10 big questions in Physics". He wanted to know whether M-theory is the full M-onty. It all got too much for me.


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