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Monday, June 20, 2005

Summer Ball: Totally Sweet

My cognitive processes are slowly returning to ‘operational’ this evening after what was frankly the best ball I’ve ever been to at Imperial.
The scope of the event and attention to details was hugely impressive. After the free drinks reception, Martin, Andy and myself headed down the red carpet into the funfair. We started the evening with a delightfully laissez-faire approach to personal safety by taking part in a number of head on collisions in dodgems. Great fun. As the queue got longer and our bruises took on a more worrying hue, we headed off to the casino. After loosing some of my fictional £250 on Blackjack, I decided to follow Andy’s lead and pooled my remaining money with Martin, in order for him to make some sage and considered investments on the roulette table. Martin oversaw a huge growth in our combined fortune and we seemed to be in with a shot at top prize. But past performance wasn’t necessarily a guide to future performance when we lost it all in a single bet. I think there might be a moral in there somewhere.
The rest of the evening passed in a delicious haze of dancing, conversation and drinking. This was the most well attended Imperial ball of recent times and there was always a familiar face around.
As you can see in these photos, even at half four in the morning the cut of our jib was particularly stunning.
As the sun started to rise above the skyline we assembled beneath the Queen’s Tower for our survivors photo. I grabbed a free breakfast of bacon, sausage and eggs. Just what was needed.
We slowly made our way back to Battersea, stopping off in Tescos to grab some croissants and a chat with the sociable cashier. He was so happy when we wished him a Happy Fathers Day that he said nothing at all and avoided eye contact.We watched Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life over breakfast, before retiring to bed at seven o’clock this morning. Awesome.


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