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Sunday, January 22, 2006

TBR's Martin Archer

Avid readers may recall that the dude next door to me, Andrew, has started a blog where he shares with us views on a myriad of subjects.
So, what then of my other flatmate, TBR's Martin Archer?
When he has a candid opinion or an insightful comment, how does he share them with the world?
Quite simply he shares them with the whole of the Imperial College London community on IC Radio every lunchtime on his radio show, Liquid Lunch.
By the way, if you followed that link to the ICL website, the news that scientists have found a strong link between cat faeces and schizophrenia is worth a read.
Martin Archer just gave me his demo CD. As you can see from the photo (update: TBR's Martin Archer asked me to remove the personal details visible on his demo CD so I have censored them out, despite these self same details being available elsewhere on the interweb, I have also given TBR's Martin Archer a little disguise so that he is unrecognisble to all but the most sophisticated face recoginition software), it gets my personal Alex Guite thumbs up of approval. It's hard to get better than that, unless you get a double thumbs up of approval (superseded only by the incredibly rare triple thumbs up of approval).
So, if you're a radio producer looking for a new DJ, then Martin Archer is your man. Check his CV here.
And for the ladies, don't forget that Martin Archer is a firm believer in keeping fit and healthy and visits the fitness suite before morning lectures.


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