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Monday, November 21, 2005

Simpson Comments

I was privelged to receive the following comment by e-mail from the famous Simon Simpson which I think also doubles as a public service announcement:

Hi Alex,
Out of boredom and a desperate desire to procrastinate, I wandered on to you blog. Having scanned though a few of your postings I felt like commenting on one of them, only to discover that only people with a blog account on can comment. How, stupid is that... Now obviously if you don't want people commenting that's fine, but then I fail to see the point of anyone being able to read what you have to say.
Any way I won't let that stop me.
In reference to your post on 29 Oct.
Finding your funny bone isn't too challenging. Simply bend your arm, and feel you elbow. You should notice that in addition to the main point at the end of the elbow there is also a smaller extrusion on the side pointing away from you. The ulna nerve which as I'm sure you know is responsible for the curious sensation, can be found at the end of the humerus, the medical term for the funnybone. This is rather an ironic name since most people don't find it very funny to strike thier funny bone. More precisely the ulna nerve is runs in the channel that is formed by the two aforementioned extrusions on you elbow. So in order to strike your funny bone simple bend you elbow and knock it gently into something like the edge of a table such that the edge contacts with the nerve. Although it is certainly an interesting sensation to experience I'm not sure I'd recommend doing it deliberately, as this nerve carries some of the signals for motor control and sensations for your lower arm and hands. The consequences of damage to this nerve are therefore not to be taken lightly.

The moral of this story is this: get a account.


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