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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Dude, where's my hair?

Hair cutting industry analysts will probably already be aware of what happened on Thursday: over six glorious months of unrestrained hair growth were bought to an end when I had my hair cut.
I know I'd been planning to let it grow until Christmas so I could have another shot at getting a ginger afro (or a g-fro as I like to call it), but it was all just getting too much (especially drying my hair after a shower).
The biggest changes thus far: my ears are cold and my bike helmet needed in depth readjustment to fit tightly onto my head.

Last Wednesday, finally managed to get over to cheapskates at the Moonlighting Club. It was as good as the rumours suggested, although they were abit stingy with their mixers. I also managed the impressive feat of setting a meeting point in a pub, only to wait in a pub around the corner wondering where everyone was. The pub I'd suggested we meet in perhaps?

In other news, I've just realised that I haven't yet linked to, a site which I have found to be fairly educational.


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