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Sunday, January 22, 2006

More Whale Watching

I met up with Ben yesterday afternoon on the Chelsea side of the very crowded Albert Bridge to watch the Thames Whale being winched on to a barge to take it downstream. As the barge moved off downstream the crowd broke out into a round of applause. I think this BBC News piece describes the day pretty well.
When I got back from the cinema last night I read the news that the Thames Whale had died during the evening. I hope that the legacy of this whale is to renew interest in whale conservation, especially at a time when some countries are pushing to resume whale hunting, under the sham of 'scientific' whaling.

Until yesterday, it had been awhile since I had last blogged. In that time alot has happened in the blogsphere.
The dude next door to me, Andrew, has re-launched his blog, Andrew's Blog. If you're thinking of wathcing a movie or some US TV, the likley hood is that Andy has seen it and has a trenchant opinion on it. Else, just go there for some entertaining and very drole writing.

Richard "Mullet" Warburton began his blog, True Contradictions, in the new year. The name comes from an aspect of paraconsistent logic and is well worth reading about, if like me you don't know what this is all about. Richard uses his blog to share his candid opinions about religion and politics.

Very exciting news is that famous knolwedge man Simon Simpson has got a blogger account. But it doesn't just stop there: he's working on a communual blog, Extravagance and Indulgence, with Andy and myself. It's a blog aimed at the 20 something man about town, intelligent but trendy, single but dating; who savours pleasing wines, has a descriminating pallette for fine cheeses, appreciates gracious cuisine and enjoys all of this with good conversation. Read the statement of intent for more details.


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