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Saturday, January 28, 2006

24.25 hours of Cardiff

So far I've avoided falling into the dull trap of complaining about whether or not I'm tired, sad or otherwise emotional on this blog. Too many blogs read "I'm so tired and sad right now" post after post. I aim to keep this blog as a brief flash of humour in the pan of the blogsphere, even if occasionally it could be confused for a whale watching journal.
Nonetheless I am going to say that this week has been a busy, tiring and all in all a very testing week.
One of the issues that came up this week was in that hot bed of student radicalism, Imperial College Union. Since my term as President of the Physical Sciences Union ended, I've been careful to keep out of internal PSU matters unless my advice was sought, but I got caught up in the resignation of the Broadsheet editor this week. I think Martin Smith (former Broadsheet Editor) sums it up well when he says, "Matthew will be sorely missed. It is a mistake for the committee to abuse and undermine such a talented and dedicated volunteer to the point of resignation. Editorial independence is a delicate flower that has been thoroughly stamped on in this case."
Yeah, there was other stuff this week as well, but what do you care?
Besides, in 9 hours I'm heading off for twenty four and a quarter hours of partying in Cardiff to celebrate 22 glorious years of Evans.


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