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Saturday, March 25, 2006

"The problem with climate models is that we don't understand the effect of clouds"

Long time, no blogging.
Recently, the fulcrum about which my life has turned has been lab and a desperate attempt to collect as much data as possible and analyse it before my project viva. Maybe as a physicist I should have got used to this by now, but whole days spent in a dark lab alone really do mess with your mind.
In amongst all of this I found time to help Jad's campaign for the RCSU Presidency, which in part involved me dressing up as an elephant. I didn't really mind as previous experiences as a monkey had been pretty fun. This picture illustrates a regular occurrence when dressed up as a partisan pachyderm on campus. My prediction is that this effect extends beyond merely monkeys and elephants. Indeed, this was experimentally proved last night at the end of term Easter carnival by some guys dressed as rabbits.
Anyway, during the campaign and what must have been a very busy news week, Felix were kind enough to run an article alerting its avid readers to the fact that I was out and about campaigning again, but that there was no need for alarm as this was in no way scandalous. By the way, the real scandal is that the workload of Faculty Union Presidents is so high that it's starting to put off even the most dedicated of volunteers in Engineering.
Even so, five students were prepared to answer the call of service and stand for RCSU President, and almost another 30 stood for other Executive positions. It was a fun and entertaining campaign, made all the more pleasing by Jad's convincing victory. A whole bunch of campaign photos are here and photos of the results being announced are here. Congratulations Jad.
In other news, I had my last lecture yesterday. So what did I learn in my last lecture? If you want to get through cheap champagne fast, the best thing to do is to attend an atmospheric physics lecture and drink every time the lecturer says 'clouds', 'climate' or 'problem'.


At Saturday, March 25, 2006 4:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You only dress up as animals so you can touch girls.

This is wrong.

Ev would not approve of these girls. And he is All.


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