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Friday, October 26, 2007

Worrying lack of humour in Conservative Future

I sometimes head over to Omar's Blog for a dose of young Labour blogging. In between politiking, there's some interesting stuff, like this run down of how Labour MPs voted in the Deputy Leadership ballot. Recently he's turned his attention to Mark Clarke's blog, who is the Chair of Conservative Future and hoping replace the excellent Sadiq Khan as MP for Tooting.

I had a read through Mark Clarke's blog and there is some troubling stuff there. His praise for Tory cuts in Hammersmith and Fulham is shocking, especially as Omar points out when it's contrasted to the situation on the ground.

But most troublesome of all, is what passes for an "amusing anecdote" in Conservative Future. This tale finds Mark in the midst of an "extremely confidential discussion" when in walked an "elderly gentleman". Two people with very similar titles, the Chairman of the 1922 Committee and the Chairman of the Board ask each other if they know this man. Apparently not, which Mark tells us caused some bemusement around the table. I can well imagine! The Chairman of the 1922 Committee (turns out you can tell the two Chairmen apart) asked him if he was lost, which he wasn't. In fact he was meeting Frank Dobson in the room later.

Mark takes up the tale:
"Would he mind leaving?" we asked [it is not clear weather or not Tories always use the third person to talk to people].
"What is the problem?" he said, "is this meeting so confidential that I have to leave?"

If you're still looking for the punchline, I might be able to help. I think the hilarity here was that the "elderly gentleman" was not a Tory voter.


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