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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 7: Carlisle to Glasgow

Distance: 175.2km
Total: 1185.5km
Time: 8hrs 27mins
Average: 20.7kph
Maximum: 42.0kph

In contrast to yesterday, this really wasn't a great ride. Day started well by crossing into Scotland, but soon became clear that I'd be fighting a strong wind against me.

This was the most isolated of rides so far and the constant threat of rain probably didn't help my mood either. I cycled mostly along B roads running alongside the A74 (M) motorway. The first 80km or so were a gradual up hill to the head of the Clyde. Nothing too sharp, but constant climbing does get tiresome after a while.

I didn't really stop much for food, just ate and carried on as quickly as possible in case the weather turned on me. The roads were pretty rough with lots of potholes which didn't help my pace either.

Nonetheless, by pushing on I got within 40km of Glasgow by four o'clock, but it took almost another three hours to get to the hostel! Got lost several times, although could have been worse as was greatly helped by a Glasgow A-Z lent to me by Ken P.

Oh well, one good thing about today was that it didn't rain, despite the dark clouds.

I'm just relaxing now with food and a cheeky beer. Thanks for all your comments, has really helped me cheer up after this less than excellent day!



At Thursday, August 30, 2007 10:31:00 PM, Blogger wrg2209 said...

Just three days to go. Amazing. Scenic ride tomorrow along Loch Lomond etc, hope the rain hols off; scattered showers forecast.


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