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Sunday, July 22, 2007

A weekend of cycling and peddaling poor puns

True story: I'd planned to do a 50km ride yesterday, but too much drinking and not enough eating on Friday night meant that, er, I spent most of the day in bed. I eventually managed to get out to buy a spoke key to true my back wheel. It was surprisingly satisfying to finally deal with the slight lateral bulge in my wheel. It made me wheely truly happy. (Aside: if you're thinking of truing your wheel but like me just couldn't be bothered, it's well worth it. Bike feels a lot smoother. Good instructions here.)

Made up for yesterday's laziness by joining another excellent Central London CTC ride around Hertfordshire. Including cycling to and from train stations I clocked up 125km, averaging a little over 24km/h. Pace was a bit slower than normal, but that sometimes happens on group rides. Physics joke: surprisingly the group velocity was slower than the phase velocity.

I got a puncture just before lunch, but I didn't allow myself to get too deflated by this. Even if I had, I would have been uplifted by our afternoon tea stop at Panshanger Aerodrome (if you enjoy full stops between sentences don't visit their site).



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